Bitcoin for Any Party: 6 Warhol-inspired soup cans

“Bitcoin for any party” is an art series I created taking inspiration from Andy Warhol’s work with Campbell’s soup cans. The 6-piece series shows bitcoin as an ideological commodity with selling points for 6 groups with different political views.

The main objective is to “sell” bitcoin to each of the 6 groups for reasons that are uniquely important to them. It is an exploration into the different reasons people have to use Bitcoin and why it’s valuable to each, emphasizing economic, social, and political implications of its adoption.

The images explore which characteristics of the Bitcoin money system appeal the to ideologies of prominent political parties in the U.S. (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian) and also their marginalized counterparts (Alt. Right, Social Justice,  Crypto Anarchist).

This spin on Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s soup cans creates a visual aid to both help educate people new to Bitcoin and amuse or spark conversations for people who already understand Bitcoin. It also functions as a signal 

I enjoy creating images that challenge difficult subjects, explore hidden relationships, and force myself and others to see Bitcoin from different perspectives they haven’t yet considered. Free speech includes freedom for ideas you disagree with to be spoken without fear of censorship.

These images also demonstrate the right to freely speak ideas that I both agree and disagree with, communicating this core value of free speech. An idea, verbal or visual, void of the threat of violence is free speech!

#1 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 

“The Greatest”

The Republican party in the U.S., led by president Donald Trump currently feels very much like they’re on the winning team, with the President fostering a grand sense of economic bullishness and nationalism.

About one half of the U.S. has regained a sense of pride in their country. They feel as if Trump is delivering well on his promises and by supporting him they are Making America Great Again.

Republican voters are in favor of free market capitalism and lower taxes, something bitcoin can provide users with much better than the $USD.

As opposed to the US Dollar, which is fully controlled by the Federal Reserve (a private bank with no reserves) and mandated by the Federal Government Bitcoin is a free-market currency.

With bitcoin, your purchasing power is determined by the cryptocurrency market and number of users who choose to use it.

With government money, you are forced to use it and those who control it create it out of thin air, when they create debt! Bitcoin is the greatest free-market currency in the history of the world.

#2 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


Bitcoin is now playing a key role in a massive growing movement to take back our right to use sound, non-government money and regain the economic freedom it brings along with it.

Libertarians support the liberty to choose what money you want to use and be in complete control of where it goes and how you store It.

Banks can easily censor you by not letting you withdraw your money if they don’t like what you want to do with it. Many Libertarians follow the Austrian school of economics, which limits government interference in the economy.

Governments and banks use debt-based money systems to keep people saddled with debt, and propaganda to keep people distracted and focusing the time and energy they have left on the wrong issues, and the wrong enemies. To keep them in power.

Bitcoin liberates us from mandatory use of national currency in all our affairs. Now we can participate in a decentralized and censorship resistant money system with no bank or government.


#3 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


The Democrat party in the US shares values of open borders, acceptance of immigrants and minorities, and progressive social change policies.

Voters and Politicians focus on social issues like public Healthcare, education and equal opportunity.

With slogans like “stronger together”, “fighting for us” there is a sense the lower and middle class are being oppressed by the rich and there is a fight at hand, politically for the people to take back what’s theirs.

With Bitcoin, there are no borders. It’s a currency accepted globally by all, leveling the playing field by shifting economic Power to the people and creating an opportunity for one of the biggest transfers of wealth in our history.

Bitcoin transcends many of the ideas that divide us, giving us common ground to unite behind – a better money for the people.

Strength in Numbers – Veritas in Numeris.


#4 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


The Pepe frog meme is the most popular, controversial, loved, and hated meme in the history of the internet.

Pepe started on a comic and began to be memed by members of online communities like 4chan and Pepe. Later the frog was used more widely to express reactions and spread ideas virally. There are more versions of Pepe than any other meme.

Like real frogs live both in the water and on land, Pepe also lives in two worlds – the digital and physical. The frog hops in and out of our physical world, taking events and topics from our world into the digital world and spreading them like wild-fires.

Pepe has been seen as a hate symbol by the less informed, and it’s true there have been many racist Pepe memes, but the frog is also used to spread love and laughs… And everything in between. Pepe does not conform to any contributors ideas.

Like a frog can spontaneously change sex from male to female and back, Pepe can spontaneously change from one side of an issue to the other, slipping through the grip of those who want to categorize or censor the meme.

Like Pepe is used on both sides many things, bitcoin is both used for legal and illegal activities, by good people and evil people. It’s backed by a decentralized community who does not conform to using only the money presented to us in our physical world.

In the same way Pepe represents a transition between the water and air, two states of matter, Bitcoin is used in both our physical and digital worlds…and most importantly, is worthy of meme. The dankest of memes. #superdank

#5 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


The Cypher punk movement of crypto anarchists believed that they could use computers and cryptography to create anonymous systems that are necessary for free societies.

Crypto Anarchists believe that we can’t have a surveillance state that’s also a free state. Privacy is an essential element for freedom. That’s why the cypher punks used cryptography to create digital privacy, and eventually applied these technologies to the creation of crypto currency. You can thank the revolutionary Cypher punks for bitcoin!

You can learn more about the cypherpunks and crypto anarchy here in the Crypto Anarchist manifesto.






#6 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


Those who fight for social justice, pejoratively termed social justice warriors, are generally aligned with the political left, however focus more heavily on social issues.

There is a call for diversity among the group and acceptance of all humans regardless of their race, sexual preference, religion, gender identity, not tolerating any of the “isms” (racism, sexism, etc.)

Bitcoin is a free and open network to use for all humans, no matter who they are or what they’re into. The community is decentralized and non-discriminating. To use bitcoin you don’t need any sort of identity.

Bitcoin transcends many of the differences that divide us, giving us common ground to unite on – a better money for all people.






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