Add CryptoTab to Chrome and you can start to earn Bitcoin daily. Invite your friends, family and strangers on the internet by your personal link and make some free Bitcoin!

Too good to be true? One Small Catch.

CryptoTab is a great way to earn free bitcoin on a daily basis, but you won’t be able to earn enough to feed yourself if you don’t get some other people to use it too.

That’s right, CryptoTab is running a “network marketing” model, also known as “Multi-level marketing”. However, there is no investment or risk involved in this case.

If you join and use their referral program, you have very good potential to earn a solid amount of Bitcoin for free.

10-Level Referral Program

On their site, CryptoTab shows this illustration of how the Referral program works.

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with CryptoTab's 10 Referral Levels
CryptoTab’s 10 Referral Levels

How Does Cryptotab Work?

You can just run CryptoTab on a low setting in your browser and if you can get other people to join up, it can be a great way to earn passive income for free.

CryptoTab pays you for each invited user and also for the friends they invite, up to 10 levels deep. You can check how much you’ll be getting using Cryptotab’s income calculator.

If you’re thinking about signing up, you may want to act fast because the referral network levels will be reduced shortly for the sustainability of the mining pool.

All referral bonuses that we are paying off are taken from our own mining capacities which become more effective through increasing pool’s productivity.

Invest your time and effort inviting new users and you will guarantee yourself a high level of passive income.

Is it Bitcoin being mined?

In fact Monero is mined, but Cryptotab exchanges the Monero into Bitcoin daily, and your account balance is in BTC.Monero X Bitcoin
CryptoTab chose Bitcoin because it is the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency in the world.


Will my computer be effected or overheat?

Most likely you will not even notice that a mining script is running on your computer, but it depends on how powerful your computer is.
Mining Hardware Overheating
You will be able to adjust mining speed, or turn it off altogether at any time.

How long until I can withdraw my Bitcoin?

If depends how often you keep your Chrome open, and how many people you invite. The minimum withdrawal recommended is .001 BTC because of fees.
This could take a couple months on only your laptop, or a couple days depending on how many people you invite.

How do I get started?

Just download the CryptoTab plugin and it starts up automatically.

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