Miss Natoshi’s full-time crypto lifestyle

Who is Miss Natoshi?

Miss Natoshi is one of those bold personalities in the crypto community who both talks the talk and walks the walk. Once the crypto world caught her attention, she did her homework, became a believer in bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrencies, and put her money where her mouth was.

The Full-Time Crypto  Lifestyle

It’s safe to say that Miss Natoshi is a serious crypto investor, always on the hunt for ICO’s and hidden gems with huge potential. She gets down in the trenches on all sorts of crypto exchanges looking for trades that pay.

Miss Natoshi is one of my favorite examples of an effective crypto influencer because she demonstrates both:

1) a high level of expertise and knowledge about the cryptocurrency markets, trading, ico’s and early stage projects

2) an admirable full-time crypto lifestyle, which can go a long way to get people excited about the prospects of investing in cryptocurrency

It’s safe to say that Miss Natoshi has made some great calls on lower cap cryptocurrencies, and has been able to demonstrate an enviable lifestyle as a result.

You can follower her Twitter and Instagram accounts to get a glimpse into the life of a full-time crypto investor, expert, and world traveler.

An exemplary Crypto Boss-Woman

As shown on her social profiles, you can see that, aside from her somewhat lavish, crypto-powered lifestyle,

Miss Natoshi is also involved in all aspects of crypto investing, from being a die-hard bitcoin bull

to keeping a close eye on the markets and prices for an abundance of different crypto projects

and having her own mining GPU rigs, with her own style applied to them.

She also contributes to 21Cryptos magazine.

Another thing that makes Miss Natoshi a great (and very needed) influencer for the crypto movement is the fact that she’s a woman.

She certainly is already an inspiration to many in the crypto space (myself included) and I’m sure with her continued success, she will be a key influencer for new crypto women. The fact of the matter is that there is a big shortage of females involved with cryptocurrency in general.

Cryptocurrency Gender Statistics

According to a Forbes statistic taken in 2017, only 5-7% of cryptocurrency users are female. That means that there is about 1 female cryptocurrency user to every 17 male users. This low level of crypto adoption from women is concerning for all members of the crypto community.

The success of cryptocurrencies depends on mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology. This means we need more crypto women!

Leader of the Crypto Vikings

Miss Natoshi also created and actively manages a telegram announcement group called MISS NATOSHI’S VIKINGS where she actively shares crypto-related news and information, bots with new exchange listings, memes and gifs, and new coins and ICO’s she’s interested in.

I personally have been a member of the Miss Natoshi’s Vikings group for the past three months and would definitely recommend it as a valuable source of information. I find some of the announcements involving ICO analysis and other early stage projects on her radar to be particularly valuable.

Join the Vikings

Miss Natoshi calls her group the Vikings because she believes that early crypto investors will be the new vikings of our day. This is because they will be building digital empires and exploring new lands of code.

Remember, neither Miss Natoshi or I are sharing financial advice, nor are we financial advisors.

This is not financial advice I am not a financial advisor…. Just a 👸🏻 BTFD.

Educating Women on Crypto

There is a big opportunity to further educate women on cryptocurrency and the changing technology world around us. Some women, like Miss Natoshi are stepping up to the plate to advocate for cryptocurrency and be an example for others.

Getting involved with crypto is risky business, as seen by the price volatility in the markets. In general, women may be more risk-averse, which is why there is a much lower participation rate among women.

However, if we can get more women to open their eyes to the huge potential for the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, it will certainly bring more of them on-board.

More and more jobs are/will be opening up for people who have blockchain expertise or knowledge and it would be great to get some women filling these jobs. It’s a new enough field that women who join now can grow with the industry as it evolves.

What can YOU do?

Share your knowledge with women close to you – the basics of blockchain/crypto, the positive impact that it could have on the world, and how to get started and keep on top of all the changes in this exciting space.

Show them an example of a successful crypto woman like Miss Natoshi and the tools she uses and shares with the community.

Make sure the women you talk to understand it’s not all about getting rich and buying Lamborghinis. There is a much bigger picture here. It’s about changing many broken & outdated systems out there and making them more secure, safe, and efficient.

I encourage anyone reading this to talk to the women in their life about cryptocurrencies and sow the seeds of belief that will get them to join the crypto movement.

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