Is NEO the Chosen One to Revolutionize the Smart Economy?

If you’ve been in the crypto space for sometime, surely you have heard of NEO.

Some cryptomaniacs out there think NEO is the chosen one, because it was chosen by China to work with regulators and build the smart economy with decentralized applications.

Why might NEO be the Chosen Coin for the Global Smart Economy?

NEO the Chosen One

NEO’s current value and growth potential

NEO is currently valued around $115. The total supply of the coins is 100 Million and no mining is required. The current circulating supply is 65 Million, much less than Ethereum (97 Million).

NEO has the potential to easily hit over $1000 USD price with the new Chinese Lunar year. Remember that NEO’s homeland is China. The one-year trend for NEO (formerly Antshares) has been remarkable, with over a 100,000% increase in 1 year. Yes, that is 1000X gains for NEO.

NEO Coinmarketcap

Stake NEO to earn GAS

A second reason NEO is the chosen one is the staking rewards in GAS that investors are paid for holding NEO. You can stake NEO in the NEON Wallet to earn GAS. The way this works is the supply of GAS grows by 8 with every NEO block (15 – 25 seconds).

You can estimate the amount of GAS you will earn for your NEO holdings at

The 8 new GAS tokens are distributed between all NEO holders. You can test this by checking the GAS supply on Coinmarketcap and refreshing after a little bit.

The supply of GAS goes up every ~30 seconds or so. Currently, Gas (GAS) tokens are valued at $36. You can also buy GAS on a number of major crypto exchanges like Binance or Kucoin.

NEO is more developer-friendly than Ethereum

The main reason NEO is the chosen coin to revolutionize the smart economy is how easily developers can create smart contracts on the NEO platform. NEO is superior to Ethereum in this regard.

By being open source and a better platform to that provided by Ethereum, NEO is more of a pioneer of the economy of the future on blockchain.

There are already a number of amazing dApps built on NEO.

NEO decentralized applications
NEO decentralized applications

The beauty of NEO’s platform is that you can program your smart contracts using numerous programming languages that include: python, C#, Java and other mainstream programming languages.

Programming NEO vs. Ethereum

Ulike Ethereum, you do not have to learn their own bug-prone programming language known as Solidity. This programming language was influenced by C++, Python and JavaScript and specifically designed for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.Don't be like vitalik

Sounds like another bad call, Vitalik.

NEO’s Universal Lightweight Virtual Machine (NeoVM) can accomodate mainstream programming languages without forcing the owner to learn an extra programming syntax.


Keep an eye on NEO. It just might be the Chosen One.

In the Matrix movie, NEO starts out skeptical about his assignment to save the human race from the machines that keep people asleep as they harness their energy to generate electricity.

The machines plug in the humans into an alternate reality called the Matrix to fool them into believing that they are actually living real lives and NEO is that guy ends this cycle.


NEO is a coin to watch out for the foreseeable future, and a major contender for the global smart economy of the future.

It has the advantage over Ethereum of having less coins in circulation and is backed by the fact that it is the favorite of many crypto traders from Asia and particularly, China.


It has the potential to outgun Ethereum in both price and also in pushing smart contracts for a global smart economy.

As more Decentralized Apps are created on the NEO platform, the more the possibilities of delivering a smart economy backed by smart contracts.

Before making any investment decisions, always remember to Do Your Own Research.

Hold on for dear life.

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