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I encourage every crypto user to become a crypto evangelist. Tell all the animals on the farm.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the holy-grail of 21st century technology.

If the decentralized crypto community achieves mass adoption, it may just be our best chance to save all humanity from perdition brought on by the global central banking systems.

Maybe this sounds like an extreme viewpoint, and maybe i’m an extreme person, but this revolution will not be a smooth transition by any means.

It involves a total redistribution of economic power from a few members of a global banking elite to anyone who wants to participate in the cryptocurrency movement.

Government control vs. Decentralized control

Bitcoin can’t be controlled by any government, company, or individuals whatsoever.

As a decentralized peer-to-peer network, any attempt to control it will fail and people will continue to use Bitcoin as it was always used, leaving the attacker talking alone.

Governments and regulators all around the world, spoiled by total control of people’s finance for over a century, are very threatened by this.

They still haven’t realized that they have their hands tied and are now beginning to treat crypto-currencies like any other asset.

Print & Destroy

Central banks are printing and destroying your wealth on a daily basis and you have no say or stake in the outcome of central banking system and their failed experiments such as the European Union.

USD consumer price index

According to the US government, the US Dollar has lost about 95% of it’s value since the beginning of the 20th century. That’s official data.

The data effectively dismantles the main argument Bitcoin opponents use; that “it’s not stable enough”.

Sure it’s highly volatile due to speculators, but personally I’d rather have a currency that can become more or less valuable in the future than a currency that will always increasingly devaluate.

Limited Supply & Mining

Most cryptocurrencies have a limited supply, are controlled by open source software, and are secured by a decentralized network of users.

Although the total supply of most major legitimate cryptocurrencies are capped, you are able to participate in the generation of the limited supply through Proof-of-work and Proof-of-stake mining, where you essentially have your own “money printing machines” to print coins in return for your efforts to secure the blockchain networks.

Protection from a Central Banking exit scam

Don’t leave your security and wealth in the hands of the banks. The Central Banking system is the biggest ponzi scheme in human history.

If you want to see an EXIT SCAM, just wait for the bank runs that will occur when hyper-inflation gets out of control.

Cryptocurrency is a revolution in banking. Now you can truly be your own bank.

As long as you control your own private keys, no one can seize or censor the use of your cryptocurrencies. There is no central bank to debase your currency and impose hidden taxes such as inflation on your income or stored wealth.

Don’t be left holding worthless or empty bags of fiat. Join the cryptocurrency revolution today.

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Hold on for dear life.

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