Vote for WePower on Binance for Community Coin of the Month for 200 $WPR Tokens

Yesterday, WePower was nominated for the “Community coin of the month” award on Binance.

Link to cast your vote:

Voting started yesterday (02/21/18) and will end Sunday (02/25/18). 0.1 BNB (Binance Token, currently worth about $0.97 USD) is required for each vote. WePower will re-compensate you for your 0.1 BNB if you fill out the bounty form.

You can vote for other coins too, but you allowed a max 1 vote per candidate.

If you don’t have a Binance account, registration is fast and easy and requires no ID requirements.

WePower’s Bounty for 200 Free $WPR Tokens

Each participant of the bounty campaign gets 200 WPR if WePower wins this competition, so there’s the catch.

The good news is that $WPR is definitely in the running and a close second place to Elastos $ELA.

WePower Voting Screenshot
WePower Voting Screenshot

How to participate  in the bounty:

1. Apply for bounty here: “WePower Binance bounty”
2. Vote for WePower and make a screenshot
3. Fill in “Bounty report” form

Please note, that rewards in WPR will be distributed only if WePower is listed on Binance.

Hold on for dear life.

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