Bitcoin for Any Party: 6 Warhol-inspired soup cans

“Bitcoin for any party” is an art series I created taking inspiration from Andy Warhol’s work with Campbell’s soup cans. The 6-piece series shows bitcoin as an ideological commodity with selling points for 6 groups with different political views.

The main objective is to “sell” bitcoin to each of the 6 groups for reasons that are uniquely important to them. It is an exploration into the different reasons people have to use Bitcoin and why it’s valuable to each, emphasizing economic, social, and political implications of its adoption.

The images explore which characteristics of the Bitcoin money system appeal the to ideologies of prominent political parties in the U.S. (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian) and also their marginalized counterparts (Alt. Right, Social Justice,  Crypto Anarchist).

This spin on Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s soup cans creates a visual aid to both help educate people new to Bitcoin and amuse or spark conversations for people who already understand Bitcoin. It also functions as a signal 

I enjoy creating images that challenge difficult subjects, explore hidden relationships, and force myself and others to see Bitcoin from different perspectives they haven’t yet considered. Free speech includes freedom for ideas you disagree with to be spoken without fear of censorship.

These images also demonstrate the right to freely speak ideas that I both agree and disagree with, communicating this core value of free speech. An idea, verbal or visual, void of the threat of violence is free speech!

#1 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 

“The Greatest”

The Republican party in the U.S., led by president Donald Trump currently feels very much like they’re on the winning team, with the President fostering a grand sense of economic bullishness and nationalism.

About one half of the U.S. has regained a sense of pride in their country. They feel as if Trump is delivering well on his promises and by supporting him they are Making America Great Again.

Republican voters are in favor of free market capitalism and lower taxes, something bitcoin can provide users with much better than the $USD.

As opposed to the US Dollar, which is fully controlled by the Federal Reserve (a private bank with no reserves) and mandated by the Federal Government Bitcoin is a free-market currency.

With bitcoin, your purchasing power is determined by the cryptocurrency market and number of users who choose to use it.

With government money, you are forced to use it and those who control it create it out of thin air, when they create debt! Bitcoin is the greatest free-market currency in the history of the world.

#2 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


Bitcoin is now playing a key role in a massive growing movement to take back our right to use sound, non-government money and regain the economic freedom it brings along with it.

Libertarians support the liberty to choose what money you want to use and be in complete control of where it goes and how you store It.

Banks can easily censor you by not letting you withdraw your money if they don’t like what you want to do with it. Many Libertarians follow the Austrian school of economics, which limits government interference in the economy.

Governments and banks use debt-based money systems to keep people saddled with debt, and propaganda to keep people distracted and focusing the time and energy they have left on the wrong issues, and the wrong enemies. To keep them in power.

Bitcoin liberates us from mandatory use of national currency in all our affairs. Now we can participate in a decentralized and censorship resistant money system with no bank or government.


#3 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


The Democrat party in the US shares values of open borders, acceptance of immigrants and minorities, and progressive social change policies.

Voters and Politicians focus on social issues like public Healthcare, education and equal opportunity.

With slogans like “stronger together”, “fighting for us” there is a sense the lower and middle class are being oppressed by the rich and there is a fight at hand, politically for the people to take back what’s theirs.

With Bitcoin, there are no borders. It’s a currency accepted globally by all, leveling the playing field by shifting economic Power to the people and creating an opportunity for one of the biggest transfers of wealth in our history.

Bitcoin transcends many of the ideas that divide us, giving us common ground to unite behind – a better money for the people.

Strength in Numbers – Veritas in Numeris.


#4 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


The Pepe frog meme is the most popular, controversial, loved, and hated meme in the history of the internet.

Pepe started on a comic and began to be memed by members of online communities like 4chan and Pepe. Later the frog was used more widely to express reactions and spread ideas virally. There are more versions of Pepe than any other meme.

Like real frogs live both in the water and on land, Pepe also lives in two worlds – the digital and physical. The frog hops in and out of our physical world, taking events and topics from our world into the digital world and spreading them like wild-fires.

Pepe has been seen as a hate symbol by the less informed, and it’s true there have been many racist Pepe memes, but the frog is also used to spread love and laughs… And everything in between. Pepe does not conform to any contributors ideas.

Like a frog can spontaneously change sex from male to female and back, Pepe can spontaneously change from one side of an issue to the other, slipping through the grip of those who want to categorize or censor the meme.

Like Pepe is used on both sides many things, bitcoin is both used for legal and illegal activities, by good people and evil people. It’s backed by a decentralized community who does not conform to using only the money presented to us in our physical world.

In the same way Pepe represents a transition between the water and air, two states of matter, Bitcoin is used in both our physical and digital worlds…and most importantly, is worthy of meme. The dankest of memes. #superdank

#5 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


The Cypher punk movement of crypto anarchists believed that they could use computers and cryptography to create anonymous systems that are necessary for free societies.

Crypto Anarchists believe that we can’t have a surveillance state that’s also a free state. Privacy is an essential element for freedom. That’s why the cypher punks used cryptography to create digital privacy, and eventually applied these technologies to the creation of crypto currency. You can thank the revolutionary Cypher punks for bitcoin!

You can learn more about the cypherpunks and crypto anarchy here in the Crypto Anarchist manifesto.






#6 of 6, Bitcoin for any party 


Those who fight for social justice, pejoratively termed social justice warriors, are generally aligned with the political left, however focus more heavily on social issues.

There is a call for diversity among the group and acceptance of all humans regardless of their race, sexual preference, religion, gender identity, not tolerating any of the “isms” (racism, sexism, etc.)

Bitcoin is a free and open network to use for all humans, no matter who they are or what they’re into. The community is decentralized and non-discriminating. To use bitcoin you don’t need any sort of identity.

Bitcoin transcends many of the differences that divide us, giving us common ground to unite on – a better money for all people.






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“He is a self-described cryptocurrency advocate, and despite having a master’s degree in science of finance, his current job has one objective: to convince as many people as possible about the potential of cryptocurrencies through art. To do this, he has developed an artistic propaganda project promoting the use of cryptocurrency, under the pseudonym hodlcrypto.”

The following interview is translated from the original version published by CriptoNoticias and authored by Javier Bastardo (criptobastardo).

CriptoNoticias had the opportunity to talk with artist Luis Poletti , who said that despite having completed high-level studies, nothing he studied then is part of what he does now. “It’s pretty ironic,” he said.

For him, this training taught him that economies need central banks for stability, while his own research showed him that these institutions are “the root of evil in this world”.

I would say that more importantly, everything I learned opened my mind to the idea of ​​Bitcoin, ” he said. He currently lives in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he settled in order to better develop his cryptocurrency art project.

Before devoting himself completely to this crypto art and propaganda project, he developed a line of similar designs, but with an eminently political theme named “pololitics“:  “My career in digital art and previous projects focused on political issues such as media manipulation, conspiracies, and the banking system, “he said, assuring that the art inspired by propaganda also “matches well” with his personality.

One of his emblematic designs combines the masks of Guy Fawkes and Fsociety with Bitcoin. Source: hodlcrypto.

“It’s important to take risks as an artist and not be conventional, as long as it’s authentic. My art, besides being my work, is my life project. I’m consumed by it. This is not something I’m doing to seek short-term rewards or gratification. I am doing this because I believe firmly in the future of cryptocurrencies, and if I devote my energy to this, the effects will remain even after my physical death.”

Luis Poletti

Cryptoartist, Aka hodlcrypto

According to him, he began using Bitcoin in 2015 but his first investment was made in early 2017. For him, Bitcoin is the central currency, which opened the way for the multiplicity of cryptocurrency projects that currently exist.

“For me, Bitcoin is king (…) Every other coin and token owes Bitcoin something for the creation of the blockchain, ” he stressed, although he was also interested in other projects such as IOTA due to the potentialities of the Internet of Things and its relationship with the cryptocurrencies.

Decentralize and Be Your own Bank

In addition, blockchain technology and its operation at the service of Bitcoin has proved to be a success, especially after 9 years of the implementation of the project designed by Satoshi Nakamoto. On the latter, Poletti affirmed what he “constantly glorifies” through his works of art.

“Satoshi is the anonymous father of the cryptocurrency movement and demonstrated tremendous foresight in the way he built the economic incentives into securing the Bitcoin network (i.e. mining) and wrote a code that has survived 10 years now without a successful attack. In my opinion it is the “digital gold” that backs the value of all other cryptocurrency.

Luis Poletti

Cryptoartist, Aka hodlcrypto


Source: Shepard Fairey, Obey

The artist said that his influences are varied, taking the best from different thinkers and academics from different areas of knowledge.

Thus, his work has been influenced by philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche , propagandists such as Edward Bernays , linguists such as Noam Chomsky , psychologists such as Carl Jung , and even comedians such as George Carlin , who coexist in the artist’s imagination with writers such as George Orwell , Aldous Huxley, and Ayn Rand .

In addition, regarding the propaganda style , he claimed to have used Shepard Fairey, aka OBEY: “The ideas obtained from these works always go through my mind when I conceptualize images,” Poletti said.

Advertising and war propaganda (especially that of the World War 2), the word art of Barbara Kruger , the Russian posters of Rene Mederos , and more recently Eugenia Loli are among the references in the pantheon of his crypto propagandistic inspiration.

“Eugenia Loli does a great job juxtaposing different images in a way that provokes thought” explained Poletti. Source of the Image: Eugenia Loli .

As for cryptocurrencies, he explains that John McAfee, Charlie Lee, and Dan Larimer are currently his main references, qualifying McAfee as “the face” of the ecosystem.

With all these influences to to draw from, hodlcrypto constitutes a positive propaganda movement in favor of cryptocurrencies, where the handling of colors, symbols and composition are interspersed with words, since, according to Poletti, a “large part” of his inspiration comes from written word:” I use words as a central communication vehicle and images are the complement “, he emphasized.

“I find the word ‘HODL’ quite versatile, in addition to its ability to capture the attention of outsiders.

“In a way, ‘HODL’ is my version of ‘OBEY’, and I found it to be the perfect command to use in propaganda designed for the cryptocurrency movement,” he said.

“One of my main ideas is to use direct language and join these phrases with the command ‘HODL’ or ‘HODL CRYPTO’ to force people to confront the subject of using cryptocurrency. Also, it reminds current users of cryptocurrencies who are concerned about short-term price fluctuations to think long term.”

Luis Poletti

Cryptoartist, Aka hodlcrypto

Recall that HODL is a word originated within the bitcoin community, derived from a typographical error of the word “hold”, in reference to the strategy of not selling the cryptocurrencies that are owned in spite of price corrections over time. In his work, it has become as important as Fairey’s OBEY, being the “perfect command” for the case of cryptocurrencies.

“Language is a powerful tool and using it wisely can be crucial to awaken some emotion. Most of the time, words are the centerpiece of my work. ” Source: hodlcrypto.

[/caption]In addition, he said he likes to give his own spin to catchy phrases or quotes , use sensational headlines or slogans, and sometimes even put words in people’s mouths, as in a recent piece he made in reference to the American investor, Warren Buffett calling Bitcoin rat poison .

The logic of US investor Warren Buffet, who described Bitcoin as “rat poison”. Source: hodlcrypto.



He explained that Bitcoin has changed his life because it served as a means of investment to abandon his corporate career and pursue his two passions to “create art and promote the cryptocurrency movement.” Poletti said he was not afraid to take this risk, for something “I believe in and am passionate about”. “For me life is about creating and sharing, rather than acquiring wealth,” he said.

His propaganda and activism reflect a conviction that cryptocurrencies have a promising future. The tipping point in the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies can come from a strong response to the financial monopoly of banking and the end of the economy managed by the Central Banks. That possibility is worth the effort. But we need to continue convincing more nocoiners “to HODL”.

For him, it is necessary that those who participate in stable and productive economies can see the current scenario of cryptocurrencies and understand the benefits to start using them: “this implies the understanding of how central banks work in the way of systematically devaluing the physical currency and how blockchain technology and decentralized networks can solve this problem, “he argued.

“Art can be used to effectively direct the public’s attention to cryptocurrencies and help them learn about them and how important they are. This is what I am mainly focused on.”

Luis Poletti

Cryptoartist, Aka hodlcrypto

But it is not a technological fever, nor a snobbish movement . According to him, one of the most important elements of cryptocurrencies is the possibility of exchanging value directly and among peers , which can facilitate the emergence of a new economy, as well as support for all artists around the world.

Despite his perspective on the future and the potential he sees in cryptocurrencies, the artist also weighed the difficulties facing his development. Poletti pointed out two main difficulties: “the first is the scalability of the blockchain technology and for that we already have the most brilliant minds in the world to solve it. The second is adoption. ”

Currency Independence (Source: hodlcrypto)


As he said, art becomes “an instrument, and in my opinion is necessary and vital” to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies . As he explained, people tend to be resistant to change, and “if they do not have a reason directly in front of their face to start using cryptocurrencies they will not do it.”

However he clarified that an exception to this may be countries like Venezuela, “due to their economic situation led people to use bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies to escape the effects of inflation,” he said.

Poletti said he uses bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and predicted that “in the next decade, all traditional currencies, including the US dollar, will be replaced by cryptocurrencies”, as these instruments solve many of the problems of fiat currencies, assuring that it is “a truism” that the time of the old paradigm of money is almost over.

In that sense, he said that he only has one doubt left, whether they will be decentralized cryptocurrencies or fiat-cryptographic currencies. “I only have one question left, and that is if the decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc. they will remain at the top, or if the centralized fiat-equivalent cryptocurrencies will be created and ordered by global governments for all people to use.


But just as art is a vehicle to encourage adoption, cryptocurrencies have also generated a transformation in art: “they have created a new way of appropriating pieces of collectible crypto-digital art,” as in the case of CryptoKitties . In addition, he said, is currently working with a crypto collectibles platform called ” Fan Bits “, where fans can get unique and limited pieces of art that are in the block of Ethereum and that are impossible to duplicate.

According to him, he has known the work of Pascal Boyart, aka PBOY and his system of collecting Bitcoins , complimenting the work he is doing in Paris, France, and adding that “the donation system is also very ingenious”.

He himself will undertake a street art project, with pieces aimed at the general public. “My idea is to create propaganda that will capture the viewer’s attention in such a way that it helps them to see the subject of cryptocurrencies in a new light, which will make them more likely to start using them. Once I start applying art to the streets, I will consider using a similar donation system for PBOY, “he said.

“I suppose that the users of existing cryptocurrencies will appreciate the art that promotes the movement of cryptocurrencies and that perhaps they want to donate”, he emphasized. In addition, he also said that he could soon work on Rare Pepe Art , highlighting the potential of the artistic community associated with this movement.

“The artistic community of Rare Pepe is paving the way for the blockchain art market. The artists that are getting involved now with the art of cryptocurrencies will be at the forefront as they gain popularity “, he emphasized.

Jamie Demon - Be Your Own Bank
Dimon, Buffet and other traditionally anti-cryptocurrency characters are part of the symbolic arsenal of hodlcrypto.

Finally, Poletti assured that “we are living a very important moment in art”. He added: “I believe that I belong to a generation of ‘warriors’ and we are in the process of challenging and changing the old system (…)

The interest that now exists in art has reached new levels. More people are relating art as a reaction to new technologies and certain negative elements that this entails “.

Poletti emphasizes in his designs and writings the need for users to investigate on their own. Art has served as a vehicle to carry this message.


For him, despite the consumerist nature of today’s world, art still continues to move human beings, generating authentic and real feelings. ” People need creative experiences both physically and in the digital world that allow them to create a connection with art and help them feel something,” he said.

Javier Bastardo (criptobastardo).

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